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Watershed Improvement Projects

The Mill Creek

Mill Creek Confluence Restoration

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency recently granted $1.77 million for stream restoration to the Mill Creek Watershed Council of Communities, in partnership with Butler County Water and Sewer Department, Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati, and the City of Sharonville. The 28-acre Mill Creek Confluence Restoration Project will be located at the confluence of the East Fork and the Mill Creek main stem in Sharonville. Stream restoration efforts will create a natural meander pattern to the stream channels in order to improve both water quality and quantity issues, reduce flooding in downstream communities, prevent stream bank erosion, and provide a recreation area with trails and wildlife habitat. A 10-acre wetland will also be constructed on this site, using federal, state and local funding sources. Project construction is expected to begin in Fall 2010, with a Spring 2011 completion deadline.

Tributary Stream Restoration—Mill Creek

In 2003-2004, we improved the stream bank and stream bed on a tributary of the Mill Creek at Beckett Ridge.

Upper Mill Creek at Beckett Ridge before Upper Mill Creek at Beckett Ridge after
  • Stablilized the stream bank and bed to minimize erosion and improve aesthetics
  • Created riffles and pools to improve water quality and establish aquatic habitat

Wetland Construction—East Fork Mill Creek

We constructed a small, two-acre wetland on the East Fork of the Mill Creek in 2003.

     UMC WRF wetland area before UMC WRF wetland area after

  • Filters and enhances storm waters that drain to the Mill Creek
  • Provides storage for flood waters
  • Provides wildlife habitat, and feeding and resting area for migratory birds

Wetland and Stream Enhancement—Upper Mill Creek

In 2000-2001, we enhanced a wetland along the Upper Mill Creek near Union Center Boulevard behind the Liz Claiborne corporate property. Our partners in this project were OKI, Schumacher Dugan and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

      Upper Mill Creek before restoration Upper Mill Creek after restoration

  • Enhanced sinuosity of the stream to increase sediment deposits, creating wildlife habitat, improve aesthetics, and improve water quality by filtering pollution

Habitat Improvement Project—East Fork Mill Creek

In 1999, BCWS partnered with the Mill Creek Restoration Project and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency to complete a one-mile stream restoration project.

       East Fork of the Mill Creek before Restoration    East Fork of Mill Creek after restoration

  • Improved water quality and aquatic habitat by installing 35 rock riffles to increase aeration and provide shelter and food
  • Stabilized and restored the stream bank by planting native trees, shrubs and ground cover