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Watershed Protection

The Mill Creek

The East Fork of the Mill Creek is the receiving stream for clean water discharged from BCWS's Upper Mill Creek Water Reclamation Facility. But our care for the stream and its adjacent watershed goes beyond proper wastewater treatment.  Since 1995, BCWS has been involved in several projects to improve the quality of the Mill Creek and its watershed. The results of recent water quality surveys show that the East Fork of the Mill Creek continues to show improvement.

BCWS's Watershed Improvement Projects

Upper Mill Creek Watershed Action Plan

BCWS's current efforts are focused on working with the Mill Creek Council of Communities, the Ohio EPA, OKI Council of Regional Governments, and the Butler County Storm Water and Soil and Water Districts to implement the Upper Mill Creek Watershed Action Plan. Watershed protection projects along the Mill Creek and its tributaries will improve water quality throughout the watershed by

  • improving riparian areas and in-stream habitat
  • stabilizing streambanks or reducing errosion
  • restoring floodplains

The Mill Creek Watershed Action Plan is a collaboration of the cities of Fairfield, Forest Park, Hamilton and Springdale; Fairfield, Liberty and West Chester townships; Butler County Departent of Environmental Services, Engineers, Department of Planning and Development, Soil and Water Conservation District and Stormwater District; OKI Regional Council of Governments; Ohio Department of Natural Resources; the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency; the Mill Creek Watershed Council of Communities; Biohabitats, Incorporated; and XCG Consultants.