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Rental Property

Ohio law establishes that a property owner is responsible for water and sewer bills. We often best serve the convenience of residents and property owners, however, by establishing a direct business relationship with the tenant.

BCWS will send bills directly to tenants if a property owner submits a written request and acknowledges financial responsibility. Without that authorization, we send water and sewer bills to the owner. We will not allow direct tenant billing if there are unpaid charges for that property, even if it is a different tenant.

Direct billing of a tenant does not relieve the property owner of liability for the water and sewer charges. If a tenant’s utility account becomes delinquent, BCWS will send a copy of the bill and a notice of the delinquency to the landlord, so that the owner is aware of any liability. BCWS sends delinquency notices when customer bills are unpaid 60 days after billing. Butler County will place unpaid water and sewer charges on your property tax statement.

As a point of final clarification, the owner or landlord does not have the right to call for termination of service on any property that is occupied by a tenant. The owner or landlord may be required to provide a signed statement that the property is not occupied in order to have service disconnected.

If you want BCWS to send bills directly to a new tenant, please complete the Non-Owner Customer Form and fax or mail it to BCWS.

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