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Baseline Monitoring Report (BMR)—All significant users must complete this form and annually review and update or certify that no operational or process changes are needed. BMR's must be updated and submitted to BCWS 90 days prior to permit expiration.

Industrial Questionaire (short form)—All potential industrial/commerical customers need to begin with this form

Backflow Test Report—Test report is required to be completed annually by a certified backflow tester for protection of the public water system

Grease Trap / Interceptor Manifest—It is the responsibility of the generator to fax or mail a completed copy of this manifest to BCWS after each service

Special Wastewater Discharge Application—Short term "one-time" discharges may be discharged to the sewer system through the special wastewater discharge application process

Known Spill and Slug Notification —Any spill or pretreatment bypass must be reported to BCWS immediately. This will allow BCWS to prepare for the discharge at the treatment facilities. Our 24-hour emergency number is (513) 887-3686.