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Water System Advisories

Emergency alert

An emergency alert is issued only when there is a known or suspected threat to the water system. Water cannot be used for any purpose until the threat can be verified, identified and resolved.

This notice will stay in effect until specific activities or areas of the distribution system can be cleared for use.

To see if the notice has been lifted or for updates, check this website, or call us at 513-887-3066 Option 2.


Water should not be used for any purpose until further notice.

Avoid using water for human or animal consumption, laundry, dishwashing, showers, toilets, watering lawns, firefighting, or any other activity where someone could come into contact with the contaminant. 

Automatic sprinklers, ice makers, humidifiers or other automatic systems should be turned off until the emergency is cleared.

Consumers must use an alternate supply of water for all uses until the emergency is cleared. Alternate sources of water include bottled water, or water from: an unaffected part of our system, another unaffected utility, or emergency responders such as the Red Cross, FEMA or the National Guard.