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Water System Advisories


When BCWS issues a Water System Maintenance Notice (WSMN), we will list the affected areas below and on our water system maintenance hotline. In most cases, we will also notify customers with door tags; please check your front door for this information. If the area is too large to notify with door tags, local news media will broadcast the advisory. We will notify schools, health care institutions and critical water users directly.

When a Water System Maintenance Notice is issued, you may ensure the safety of your drinking water by boiling it vigorously for a least one minute prior to consumption.


Water System Advisories
(513) 887-3066, Option 2


Water System Maintenance Notice
View door tag

Boil Order
(Boil water before consuming)

Emergency Alert
(Do not drink or use the water)
Issued only when there is a known or suspected threat.

For more information, call
(513) 887-3066.

Tylersville Rd. 7731 01-28-2023 01-29-2023 @ 09:00A.M. 
Kingland Dr. All 01-28-2023 01-29-2023 @ 09:00A.M.  
Monarch Dr. All 01-28-2023 01-29-2023 @ 09:00A.M.  
Muhlhauser Rd. 4438 01-27-2023 01-28-2023 @ 1510 
Glades Dr. 2220 01-27-2023 01-28-2023 @ 1510