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Mission Statement

The Butler County Water and Sewer Department is committed to providing water and wastewater service to our current and future customers in a professional, efficient and cost-effective manner.

We are dedicated to advancing public health and environmental stewardship by demonstrating environmental leadership and contributing educational resources to our community.

Departmental Goals

Service to Customers: To provide the public with accurate information and to maintain the highest standard of service possible.

Performance: To efficiently and effectively operate and maintain all Department systems according to applicable regulations in order to provide quality service to the public.

Teamwork: To create an atmosphere where employees work together cooperatively in a coordinated effort toward the Departmental mission.

Technology: To remain current with the latest technology when it improves the efficiency of our staff and the quality of service to our customers.

Management/Operation: To manage in a fair manner; strengthen our management capabilities through education, cooperation and communication; provide employees with the proper skills, management support and definition of duties, thereby enabling them to fulfill their responsibilities.

Public Image: To project to the public a professional image through information, appearance, and organization.

Education: To increase public awareness among our customers with regard to the many environmental issues facing our community.